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MATTHEW 28:16-20

Logan Hensley
October 18, 2009

First I just need to say thank you so much for partnering with me in the Dominican Republic this past summer. I’m excited to share with you what God should me and what he’s challenged me in. My prayer is that what I learned could be a help and encouragement to you. 
Have you ever wanted to be selected for a mission? To be asked to be a part of a group that works behind enemy lines? Who’s cause is greater then anything else ever before? To be called to save the world? To be called to a mission where you’ll have 100% success. Where failure is impossible. How can you not. It’s your time! You are called.

God has called us, as believers to be a part of his mission to reach the world. He has a role for you, and he wants you to complete it.
If you would please turn to Mathew 28:16-20

In this text we will see three steps you can take to living a life on a mission.  Starting at verses 16 and 17:  But the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated.  When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some were doubtful.

The first step you must take is TO BE A PERSON OF WORSHIP

Well you can you say, “I listen to Christian music, I sing worship songs every Sunday.” How great those things are but thats only part of the worship that needs to take part in our lives.

We see this in Romans 12:1-2:  Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.  And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

Not just what we do, but everything we are needs to be an act of worship. Our surrendered lives need to be all about God and his Glory. Everything we say, everything we do needs to be Worship. Each day that we rise, we need to have a mind set of worship. Let this mind set transform our lives and affect who we are! IF we are ever going to get anything done in this world we need to be connected with God, and happens through worship.

During my summer in the Dominican Republic I woke up, and started my day focusing on worshiping. I would make time for devotions and time to connect my heart with God. No matter how late the night, or early the morning I knew that in order for me to be affective In my ministry, I needed to be in worship. It started off with my mornings and followed through with how I lived each day. Worship needed to be the start of my mission. Experiencing myself take part in true worship every day I was able to see how much more affective I could be and how much more I was connected to God.

How are you doing In worshiping God with your life?

Is it walking through a door Sunday morning, is it listening to Christian music on your way to work? Or are you truly worshiping with your life, with you everything you are.

Let worship be your life.

I challenge you to experience a life of worship, I challenge you to wake up each day connecting with God.

For the next step we will look at verses 18 and 19:  And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."
The second thing that needs to happen is for you to Commit yourself to GO

It’s a command, does it mean to go leave the country now, does it mean to leave your home. No there’s more to it, it means to Go make disciples. To go to the people you see every day and share with them the good news that you have in your life. You are sent on a mission, so everyday you need wake up ready to help complete that mission. If you wake everyday with the mindset that you are sent, you have mission, its going to change the way you see your fellow people and your life.
It’s when we Go, that see the depth of purpose that we have in God. Its when we go that we see God use the weak. When you see lives changed through you, From you doing so little,  youll receive this eternal joy, this eternal flame grow inside you.

Its as easy as asking questions. On a scale 1-10 whats your desire to know God. I know a lot about your family life but about your spiritual life? These simple questions will unlock the depths of people, but only if you willing to ask them.

These 12 disciples that were sent by Jesus in verse 19, they were the first missionaries. And sense then every generation has been a part of Going, of sharing their faith. There have been 60 generations of people Going sharing their faith. You are a part of your generation. Some one in life has been a part of leading you Jesus Christ, leading you closer to God. Just as you were waiting for that person to share Christ with you,  some one is waiting for you so share Christ with them.
You need to realize that God has sent you. In the book of John alone the word “Sent” is mentioned 54 times. John is telling us, believers, that God has always been sending and wants to send you.

We see this in John chapter 20:21:  So Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you."

We all have an area of influence. Either it’s in our jobs with co-workers, or it’s your group friends, or it’s in your families. The point is we have people in our lives that need to know Christ.
We need to be first priority Christians. What does that mean?

That means that before we are anything we are Christians. You are not a teacher who’s a Christian, you’re a Christian who’s a teacher. You’re not a student who’s a Christian, you’re a Christian who’s a student.

Write this down…. Before im anything else im a Christian

During my summer I had this mentality that I was there for one reason and that was to share and Gospel. That I was sent. That drove me to follow where ever God placed me!

One day one of the students,Glorybel, who I have gotten to know on the Campus of 160,000 students, asked me if would come over to her family’s house and share the Gospel with her father. Her mother was a believer, but her father was not and it was dividing the house. So I was able to get a free night and another member of my team came along. Wanting him to experience it, I led him to share his testimony and then share the Gospel. That night after dinner, my buddy shared his testimony for an hour or so and then around 10 the father went to his room to go to bed without hearing the Gospel.

My thoughts were that, my purpose, my mission was for him to hear the Gospel. So I followed him into his room he laid on his bed and I sat down in the chair. And just told him my heart for being here and that the purpose is to share the Gospel with him. So I shared the Gospel with him, and took him through the Gospel tract. When it came time to the prayer portion of the booklet, I asked him, “ Does this prayer to receive Christ express the desire of your heart” he responded it truly does and truly want God in my life. I then shared with him about what it means to be the spiritual leader in the family, Gave him a hug and he went to bed.

I proceded outside to the rest of the family and told them the good news of their new Believing father and husband. Tears of joy came and prayer went out to him. Then Glorybel asked me to go with her older brother to the corner market. I did and asked him spiritual questions, found out he’s not a believer and I took him through the Gospel tract, and then he responded and is now closer on his journey to know more about God. After coming back to the house, Glorybel wanted me to meet her younger brother who is in high school, so I went next door and met him and 2 of his friends. I then played a quick video game with them, then after that I asked them spiritual questions. Then I walked all three of them through the Gospel. Glorybel’s brother re committed his life to Christ, and his friends were really interested in knowing more.

That night I ended up sharing the Gospel for 3 hours straight. That night happened not because im special, not because of anything extra I did, it happened because I realized my mission, my purpose for God placing me there and was willing to do whatever God prompted.

That’s all he’s asking you to do. Realize that he put you there for reason, for a mission to reach out, and he’ll do the rest.

How are you doing in having in a “Go” mentality in your work place, in your life?

I challenge in the coming week to a spiritual conversation with someone in your work, or at school or anyone that God puts in your path.

So we know that we need to be people of Worship, and that we need to Go and the last thing is found in verse 20:  "Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

We must Be Ready to Teach

If you have been a believer for more than 2 seconds you have something to teach someone.
Its great to share your faith with somebody, but its not good just to leave the person wanting to know more. You need to be apart of teaching them all about who God is and what he is to us.

Teaching is as easy as have a bible study, or talking about what God is doing in your life.

If You have been a believer for a long time, there are people who are new believers or who are young that need to be taught. They need someone to guide them to better understanding of who God is and what he commands.

God has been using that model of teaching for a long time. He uses us to teach others. He sends us to teach others all that we know.

What happens when we teach is that we end up teaching ourselves. If you want to experience more growth and challenges we must be a part of someone else’s growth.

You are going to experience more growth going out teaching others yourself then going hearing someone speak to you weekly.

Many counselors who come across someone who is depressed or needs new purpose for life, they’ll tell the person go pour into somebody. Because its when we experience lives being changed we have new meaning and passion for life.

You can make a difference in some ones life, just by telling the things you already know.

During my summer, I was walking along campus and saw a group of students praying. I approached them and asked them questions and discovered where they were spiritually. One student  Maximo stuck out to me. I found out that he was believer and just needed to be taught some more.  So over the period of 2 weeks we met daily, and I started teaching what it meant to really be a follower of Jesus Christ. I took him through the foundations. As our time was running short I was able to teach him about the call to evangelize we have. Not only tell him about evangelism but model it for him. During three days of Maximo and I sharing our faith: Maximo led 6 people to Christ, shared the Gospel  in several class rooms with 40+ students and was changed forever.

I received the most joy Teaching maximo and seeing him grow and experiencing his life transformed.

In That moment I realized that being a part of teaching was where life was at.

My last day with Maximo was amazing. I was sharing with him how my church sent me to him. And this was this comment he said to all of you,  “Thank you so much for sending Logan, God used him to change my life, and im not the same. I am your brother in Christ.”

That’s what God will do when you are willing to teach.
I can stand here and tell how important this is for you spiritual life, how you are called to do this. But as soon as you leave this building you have a choice to make. To either experience how God wants to use you and grow, or too not respond to the mission he has for you, and Miss out on more joy and growth then you could imagine.

How are you going to respond to God’s call for you to teach others?

In John chapter 5:24 it says, “Truly, truly I say to you, he who hears my word, and believes Him who Sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into Judgment, but has passed out of death into life.”

It is never enough to just hear. There needs to be a response.

James 1:22 says, "But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.”

In this simple verse we see very important truths.
First we must prove to be doers.  Proof takes time and consistency

Secondly we see that just being hearers deludes ourselves.

Friday I walked in the kitchen here at church, opened the fridge, saw a nice cold pitcher of lemonade and was excited to drink it. I sat down took the first sip and disappointment filled my mouth. I realized that the lemonade was completely deluded with water.
If our lives are meant to be full of Christ, then we must not delude ourselves. It’s disappointing. How can we make sure we are not deluded? By being doers of the word. By taking part in Going and teaching!

One of the biggest realizations of my summer was seeing the difference the in me In the Dominican Republic and the differencein me in Merced.  In the Dominican Republic I was on a mission and focused to complete it, I woke up every morning with the right mind set.

I wondered why that wasn’t my mind set in Merced. Just as I was sent to the Dominican republic I am sent to Merced. There is no difference in the two. I need to have the focus, that mind set. God has to sent me to Merced on a mission.

At the end of my summer our team saw:
683 spiritual conversations
404 Gospel presentations
67 receive Christ
7 student leaders
And 1 movement launched.

My purpose for being in the Dominican Republic was to Share Christ with everyone I could. And that’s my purpose here.

Some of you may not have Christ in you life, but today hes calling to you. God placed his one and only son on the cross to suffer the death that we deserve because of our sin. If you are searching for hope, for peace, for purpose look not further. When we have forgiveness of sins, when you we have Christ in our lives we have fellowship with God again and eternal life. If you are at the point and saying God I need you, Pray now for Christ to come into your life. Some of you might have received Christ already but have been living a life for yourself, and have become broken and lost.  Recommit your life to Christ now, let him forgive, and heal you. Let him Guide you back to himself.

To live a missional life we must worship, we must go and we must teach.

God is calling you to a special mission. 

Will you accept the mission? Will you be a doer?

Will you put fear aside, and put Gods call first?

Lets Pray…..